Thursday, 22 September 2011


This excerpt brought to you by Gwen's 'Judge and Jury' blogfest, which is now up through 30/09/2011.
The following is taken from Forgotten Gods:

Alfred bristled. “Though the members of the government may be deficient in their duties, it does not mean that the nation itself is not worth preserving. And I fail to see how installing a Popish tyrant on the throne could possibly improve matters.”
“Ye dinnae ken aught about anythin’.”
Although he did not understand her words, the scorn in Ina’s voice was unmistakable. Alfred glared at her. “Pardon me?”
“Do ye believe that lot o’ keek an’ nonsense?"
“And even you people cannot really be so blind as to think that the real power behind your little rebellion is anyone other than King Louis? Are you not the least suspicious about why, after so many years since your last failure, this latest rebellion happened to have occurred when it did?”
“Ach, o’ course. I’m no fool. But France isnae after Britain, an’ they dinnae care for our wars, asides that they get money from the West Indies an’ have one in at the Hapsburgs. If they’d prefer a Scot to a German, a’s the better for us. We dinnae care, so long as we get our country for our own.” She paused, as though waiting for him to respond. “Now, o’ course they waited for de Saxe takin’ the Low Countries before they’d give money to us.” She smirked, ever so slightly, and Alfred’s frustration rose. “Aye, your Elector must be proud o’ his boy.” 
Alfred had not expected her to know all of those things, nor to really understand any of it; he found it rather disconcerting. But it did not change the facts themselves. “Well, I cannot speak for other Englishman you have been acquainted with, but I for one have been doing what I can to help your people. Not that you Scotch have shown any gratitude whatsoever.”

The novel is out in its full e-book form, so you can see how this little row shakes out.


  1. That was certainly a tit for tat match, score one for Ina as she smarted him with a brash display of deeper intelligence than he thought she held in regards to the factors surrounding the war.

  2. Oh, you're such a tease, SB! XD I bought the book Saturday and I really, really want to read it but there's just.. no time! And all those excerpts you leave around. :P

    I'm cheering for Alfred here. I love the name. :P

  3. Man, I am always surprised at how some people can say so much in so few words! I guess I'll just have to keep practising. Awesome entry!

  4. Excellent entry! Gwen has some really great writers entering her competition.

    Conciliue, releases July 2012

  5. Amazing scene! Ina seemed to certainly enjoy showing Alfred that she knew more than he gave her credit for.

  6. O.O My nickname is Ina...

    Anyway, that scene was great! Go Ina!

  7. Great Highland accent written within the scene along with the right amount of British hauteur and disdain! And the argument plays out nicely! Ina's bested Alfie...Ha! ~Nadja

  8. I love these characters even though I've only read this one scene. Excellent.

  9. Hi SB, I'm just stopping by to remind you to email me with your top 6 choices for the Judge & Jury Blogfest to Thanks for participating!

  10. Amazing entry, I loved how you brought the characters to life through their accents. I've always too scared to try them, but after seeing what they can do for character depth I may have to try my hand at them.

  11. Hi,

    Hee hee, I'm still laughing at this. Love the Scots dialect! But what would one expect from a Sassenach living in Wales. :o



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